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Best Pre Payment and Prepaid Funeral Plans Leeds Pudsey and Wetherby
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Finding the cheapest UK prepaid funeral plans that guarantee an individually tailored quality service is by know means an easy task. We at Abbey Broadway are here to help you find the best UK funeral plan to suit you, your family and your budget.
Unfortunately, we all have to face up to this very sensitive subject & we aim to help you when considering the expectations of your family and friends. Mourning over the loss of a loved one is so very painful, so reducing the stress of arranging a funeral is vital to delivering a tender and memorable occasion for all.

The experts at Abbey Broadway will guide you with professional funeral planning advisers who are trained to work sensitively, helping you to make arrangements and compare the best funeral prepayment plans that are available in the UK to meet your exact requirements. When considering best or cheapest, you will need to think about whether you want to spread the cost by monthly instalments or pay a one off payment giving you the satisfaction of total peace of mind.
A good prepaid funeral plan will cover the cost of arranging a funeral, burial or cremation & disbursements (E.G – Doctor’s and Clergy’s fees). To make sure that all areas are covered, you will be encouraged to consider the small details like selecting your music of choice for that final journey, we really believe that you should receive a comprehensive service, so that you feel that another worry is out of the way and can focus on enjoying life today.
Expats Funeral Plans
Comprehensive Funeral Plans For Expats – Low Cost cover for Brits Living Abroad In Spain.
Funeral Plans for expatriates living in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus
Planning your funeral is a thoughtful and responsible way to show that you care about your family. You can choose the funeral you want and your family are spared the emotional and financial burden of organising everything when they can least cope.
If you’re an expatriate living in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus, funeral planning isn’t just a kind and caring thing to do, it’s essential…
Making sure your loved ones can cope

Dual country cover
We can arrange a Funeral Plan that doesn’t just cover you for your death in your country of residence. If you presently reside in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta or Gibraltar, your plan will automatically have a twinned UK set of arrangements set up for you at the time of original purchase at absolutely no additional cost.